Land id™ Platforms

Discover Land & Create Maps on Your Phone and the Web

Land id™ allows you to discover land with the most accurate nationwide property data and create custom maps on our desktop web app and mobile apps, making it easy to tailor professional maps at home or on the go.

Discover Parcel Info & Property Boundaries Across the Nation

Land id™ Discover Plan for Mobile and Web

Land id Discover plan gives you the most comprehensive and accurate parcel boundary set in the market and access to nationwide property data. See who owns the land and where the property lines are. Identify the property's building details, assessment info and more! Access over 40 map overlays across the nation, drop rich waypoints with the ability to add contextual photos and notes. Simplify property discovery with Land id's Discover plan.

Land Id

Mobile Property Ownership & Discovery

Discover Plan on Mobile

The Land id™ Discover plan is tailor made for professionals on the go or in the field. Easily access a variety of basemaps and  over two dozen overlays. Get property info such as ownership and boundaries to gain a better understanding of the land. Land id has the most extensive private property information & land identity nationwide on your apple or android mobile device. And all your info is synced with the Land id Discover map on web!

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Web Property Ownership & Discovery

Discover Plan on the Web

Access the most comprehensive and current property boundary and ownership information in the US. With over 140 million private properties covered in all 50 states, you can explore property lines, APN numbers, acreage, property type, legal descriptions and land use, and more. All your info is synced with the mobile app!

Create, Share & Embed Maps Easily

Land id™ Pro Plans for Mobile and Web

With Land id Pro and Pro Unlimited plans you can create impressive, interactive maps that showcase in-depth property and land data. Enhance your maps with visually striking elements, like photos, videos, and icons, to create a more engaging and informative experience. Share your maps quickly and easily via text or email, or publish them on your website for public viewing. Enjoy a user-friendly experience that makes map creation, sharing, and embedding a breeze.

Land Id

Map Creation & Sharing

Pro & Pro Unlimited on Mobile

Easily create and share maps from your apple or android phone. No service, no problem. Save your maps offline with the Land id Pro plans and take your map building into field even without service. Measure distances, add custom labels, photos, videos and more! Quickly share your maps via text or email right from your phone. All of your maps sync directly to the Land id desktop app! Create and share stunning maps on your mobile device and the web with Land id Pro & Pro Unlimited.

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Web Map Creation & Sharing

Pro & Pro Unlimited on Web

With the Land id Pro plans on the web, effortlessly create custom maps, add labels, photos and videos from the comfort of your home or office. Measure distances, access comprehensive soil reports and more! Easily share your map with a text link, email or embed your map on any site. Land id™ offers a seamless experience across mobile and web, so you can create and access custom maps on both desktop and mobile devices.


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