In Real Estate, a Picture Can be Worth More Than 1,000 Words

Land IdIn Real Estate, a Picture Can be Worth More Than 1,000 Words


By Land id

Aug 16, 2021

In real estate, photographs of a property are an incredibly valuable marketing tool. Very rarely do people buy properties sight unseen. After all, people want to see what they’re buying, and that’s especially true in real estate. If you’re selling land, though, you can’t just snap some photos and call it a day. You have to make sure to capture the beauty and fantasy of the home and the land, and this is how you do it. 

Be Picture Perfect

First, Find Your Photographer

If you’ve ever hired a photographer for a wedding or other occasion, you know it can’t just be the first person you see holding a camera. For real estate, you need someone who is familiar with landscape photography, for instance. You also need to consider how you want your property captured. If you want aerial photography, you’ll need to hire someone who knows how to fly a drone. If you want video, you’ll want a videographer.

This may seem obvious, but just in case it isn’t: make sure the person you hire has photographed real estate before, and knows how to capture all facets of a property. In addition to looking at their website and portfolio, ask to see previous projects to make sure their photos are consistently good and they aren’t just showing you their one hit wonders. 

Plan the Photoshoot

A lot goes into a single photoshoot, especially when the subject is as large as a property. Talk through the details of the shoot with your photographer, making sure to hit these three main areas. Once they have all the information, they’ll be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of cost. 

The time commitment: Explain the location of the property, how far they’ll need to travel, when the photoshoot needs to happen and the deadline for delivering edited photos. 

The property: Your photographer needs to know the size of the property, the number of buildings and outbuildings you want to photograph and any unique features such as rivers, ponds, gardens, corrals or breathtaking views.

The deliverables: Clarify the type of photography desired, whether it’s photos (traditional and/or aerial) or video (aerial and/or traditional), and be sure to discuss the format (traditional or HDR).

To help your photographer out, send a property map over and schedule a pre-shoot tour with them if necessary. That way, they can familiarize themselves with the areas they’ll be shooting and the first time they see a parcel won’t be when they arrive the day of the shoot. Also if you have special requests - such as getting a shot of the property at sunset - these need to be communicated and planned for in advance. 

Finally, Spruce Up the Property

Much like you want to look your best for a picture, real estate also needs to turn heads. Here’s a by-no-means comprehensive list of to-do’s: 

  • Mow grass and landscape
  • Remove fallen limbs and other debris 
  • Trim trees and hedges
  • Put away equipment and vehicles
  • Organize and purge the interiors of buildings you want to photograph
  • Wash windows and walls

For home interiors, it’s probably smart to work with a home stager who will help you edit yourself. While people want to see how the current owners are using the house, it still needs to be an edited, pristine version of that reality with clean lines. That means no kids’ toys strewn across the floor, no dishes in the sink and no photos with your grandpa’s favorite old recliner in them.

Give Future Buyers the Full Experience

In real estate, sufficiently marketing a property to the right buyers has the potential for a huge payout during closing. The challenge is doing it well without spending too much in the process. Land id™ (formerly MapRight) was created with real estate in mind. Easily create interactive, detailed maps of your properties that include a variety of GIS layers. To add an extra immersive element to the viewing experience you can even upload your photos and videos of the property directly to your map. Then, share them on your website, on third-party To listing sites, and via email and text. 

It’s easy to try out Land id™ for yourself right now. Just sign up for your 7-day free trial and start making maps in minutes.

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