Land id™ Introduces Faster and Easier Creation of Targeted Mailing Lists

Land IdLand id™ Introduces Faster and Easier Creation of Targeted Mailing Lists


By Land id

Jul 25, 2022

Dallas, TX — July 25, 2022 — Land id™ (formerly MapRight) is thrilled to announce that the new custom polygon tool for extracting direct marketing and research lists is now available for users. This new selection feature, found in our Create CSV Report options, allows users to draw a precise area of interest and produce a mailing list with the exact land and landowner characteristics they need. 

“Along with our 50-mile radius and custom line tools, the ability to draw custom polygons gives our users yet another way to generate targeted landowner lists that contain all the information they need,” says Steve Roberson, Managing Partner at Land id™. 

When a user selects “Export Parcel Info to CSV” under the Reports tab on their Land id™ map, they will be given three ways to draw in their area of interest; they can draw a polygon, draw a line, or draw a radius. Each option has its own applications. 

  • Draw polygon: Allows users to draw a custom polygon on the map. It can cover an area up to approximately 7,500 square miles, giving users the ability to draw boundaries around neighborhoods, lakes, cities, and even multiple counties. 
  • Draw line: Allows users to create a very targeted list by only selecting parcels that intersect with the line they draw. This is ideal if users only want to target properties along a route such as a river or specific roadway. 
  • Draw radius: allows users to create a ring around a selected point on the map. The radius can reach up to 50 miles. Any parcels within the radius will be included in the landowner list. 

Once users draw their custom polygon, line, or radius, they will be presented with filtering options. On Land id™, landowner lists can now be filtered by parcel acreage, tax assessor’s value, and sale date. You can also filter by three land use designations: single family, vacant, or agricultural. List creation only focuses on private landowners, excluding government and other public lands, and removes duplicate landowners, ensuring the exported list is always of the highest quality and accuracy. 

“Whether they’re looking for agricultural land sold in the last decade or vacant land that is at least five acres,” explains Roberson, “we’ve added more filtering capabilities to help our users produce a mailing list that includes precisely the information they’re looking for.”

To learn more about creating custom landowner lists, watch our tutorial or sign into your Land id™ account now and try it out for yourself. If you don’t yet have an account, sign up for Land id's 7-day free trial and start building your first map! 

About Land id™

Building on several decades of education and experience working with GIS, Land id™ was founded in 2014 to help companies and individuals gain a better understanding of properties and land features and be able to more intuitively communicate them with others. Land id™ offers eight different GIS base layers and nearly two dozen Land id™ layers, countless styling and customization options, and several easy ways to share your maps. To get started on the web app and companion mobile app, check out the 7-day free trial.

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