The Ways Mobile GIS Can Help Your Business

Land IdThe Ways Mobile GIS Can Help Your Business


By Land id

Dec 9, 2022

Mobile GIS solutions have come a long way since their initial commercialization in the early 2000s. Nowadays, the technology is so advanced that it can be used for anything from geocoding your photos to creating interactive digital maps at scale. With so many advancements occurring with digital mapping technology and mobile GIS, you may be wondering what benefits your company could reap by incorporating these systems into its daily workflow. Here are some ways that mobile GIS can help your business.

1) Collecting Data is More Efficient

If you’re out on a job site, it isn’t always easy to carry around a computer so that you have access to your software tools.  Mobile GIS helps collect data more efficiently by making it easier for workers to enter information into their phones or tablets while they're working. This saves time, which means less money spent on labor costs in the long run. It also reduces errors since there are fewer chances for mistakes when entering information directly into a mobile app instead of writing down notes on paper or typing it into an older computer program like Microsoft Excel. 

A GIS solution can also help you gather information from multiple sources (such as CAD drawings, maps, and aerial photographs) into one convenient location. This allows users to access all their location-specific information simultaneously, so they don’t have to switch between multiple applications when working on projects. When all your data is entered into one place, professionals don't have to waste time inputting information manually or searching through multiple files for what they need. Instead, they can pull comprehensive reports immediately without having to guess or rely on someone else's memory of where things might be stored.

2) It Makes Field Work Safer

While it's nice to be in the great outdoors, it's not always safe. The wrong turn or momentary loss of focus can lead to mishap. GIS can help you avoid these dangers by providing accurate location data that keeps you away from dangerous terrain, as well as helping you get back on track if you get lost.

From construction sites to oil rigs, workers use mobile GIS to help them navigate dangerous areas, get where they need to be, and avoid getting lost. With a map that shows how far away you are from your destination and other important points of interest like water sources or fuel depots, you'll always be able to stay oriented and learn about the land before you go into the field.

3) It Makes Managing Assets Simpler

Asset management is critical to your business. You need to know where all assets are to ensure they're safe, secure, and ready for use when needed. Mobile GIS helps you keep track of assets by keeping a record of where they are at any given time. This can be especially helpful if you have equipment across a large job site that needs regular inspection and maintenance or infrastructural assets such as water pumps, animal feeders, and fencing that need to be checked regularly.

Using GIS to display and share location information lets everyone know where your assets are at all times along with any supplementary information, such as the last date a piece of equipment was serviced. When it comes time for someone in the field—like a mechanic—to do maintenance on equipment, they will already have access to useful information like where exactly it is located so that they can get there quickly without wasting time. 

4) Data Can Be Shared Instantly

Sharing data is crucial when you’re working with a partner or with a group of stakeholders. Mobile GIS allows you to communicate data faster and more accurately. Since everyone has their phones with them wherever they go, stakeholders can access the information they need without needing to get back to their desks first. Plus, no matter where your users are located, they will have access to the same information as if they were sitting in front of your desktop computer. This increased communication speed also means that any data changes will appear on all devices immediately. You don’t need to worry that someone isn’t viewing the most up-to-date information.  

In traditional office environments, changes made on one workstation could take hours before being reflected across all machines involved with that project—but with mobile GIS, there’s no difference between working on-site versus remotely or in the field: everyone sees updates immediately! 

5) It helps You Make Better Decisions Faster

The most important aspect of making any business decision is the data you use to make your choice. As your employees collect field data, it's instantly available for analysis and can be used to make better decisions in real-time. In addition to collecting and analyzing data, GIS allows you to visualize that information in a way that's easy for everyone involved to understand what's going on without having to read through long reports or charts full of statistics. This helps everyone involved get their jobs done faster, which means less time spent figuring out what needs to be done next or waiting for someone else's approval before taking action. 

Mobile GIS Can Help Your Business Run Better Than Ever

If you’re a business owner looking for ways to improve your company’s efficiency, mobile GIS might be the answer. With the right software, you can ensure your employees are always on top of their game and getting things done quickly—even if they aren’t in the office! 

Unlike some GIS applications that lose functionality when they’re mobile, our GIS application for iOS and Android devices has everything that our web app does (plus several mobile-only features), allowing you to choose from all the layers and overlays available, mark waypoints, and add your own data. Exclusively on the Land id™ (formerly MapRight) app, you can track your location and movement throughout a property, drop points at your location, label these points, create notes, and attach photos and other data. You can even get driving directions to a specific point on a map. 

When you need a mobile GIS app capable of operating at an enterprise level, sign up for a 7-day free trial of Land id™ and start reaping the benefits of power mapping technology for your business.

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